Food SurvivalFood Survival Your family, especially your children, perhaps might not want consume new food during an unexpected emergency or failure. Having similar food to normal will help reduce stress levels when all else seems unusual. Food Survival The groceries in your pantry Makes used and if you have a couple $ 100 invested inside your food, will probably appreciate faster (with chance of inflation) than the 0.25% interest youd obtain it a bank! This is a no brainer to get you prepping any kind of risk rrn any respect. Food Survival This is the easiest survival foods to obtain. If it is the moment of year, you often find lot of edible berries to select from. If it looks and tastes just like blueberry, strawberry or raspberry, it will be. Others you may want to explore to identify include wild currants, service berries (also known as june berries), bearberries, wintergreen berries, bunchberries, wild cherries, thimbleberries, blackberries, cranberries, and rose hips (the fruit of wild roses).